Sunday, 25 April 2010

Great review of ABC

It's always a boost to the old ego when someone writes a positive review of your book, and they don't come much better than the one by Richard Bell in the May issue of Writing Magazine. Here's a snippet...

"Perhaps the major problem facing freelance writers today is that editors and publishers receive far more submissions than they can possibly accept. So when someone in an editorial office picks up an unsolicited submission they will look for any valid reason to put it onto the rejection pile...

"... the way you approach your editor, publisher or agent must mark you out as a professional. But how do you achieve this? What are the rules for presenting your manuscript? How should you write query letters and covering letters? How should you make your approach to an editor or publisher?

"To answer these these questions you need advice every step of the way. Spend years learning the hard way, or read the practical advice in this invaluable Writer's ABC Checklist."

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