Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tracy's Hot Mail

Tracy’s got so much to tell her friend, Emma. Her Gran would have written a letter, and her Mum, phoned, but Tracy uses email, of course. How else can she let Emma know about her new boss, Mr Tugger and his penchant for playing with the change in his pocket; or Petrol Pauline and her fling with Mike the mechanic. Then, obviously, there’s Tracy’s personal life and the ridding of the useless Simon which means she’s available again, but Tommy Tightpecs, the computer guy, turns out to be gay. What a waste!

Tracy's Hot Mail, the ebook by T A Belshaw, is to be published by Big Bad Media. Formatted like emails, Tracy's outpourings really are a must-read; her humour is sometimes caustic, often unintentional and always hilarious.

Well worth checking this one out - for when you're in need of a good titter.

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