Sunday, 1 January 2012

My short story on CaféLit

 My story at:


The Creative Café Project 


A little while before Christmas, the good folk at CaféLit accepted a short story of mine. It's called Frozen in Time and I'm very pleased to have it featured on their website. 
For anyone who doesn't know, CaféLit is the ezine of the Creative Café Project and aims to promote writing by both up-and-coming and established authors. They look for thought-provoking stories that are just the right length to accompany a cup of coffee - so generally no longer than 3,000 words.

Further details and submission guidelines can be found HERE



    Bob Scotney said...

    Good story Mo; well done.

    Maureen said...

    Thank you, Bob. :)

    June said...

    Your story and a cup of coffee were a pleasant distraction from the weather. Well done, Mo. Looks like a good place to visit more often.

    June said...

    A decent cup of coffee and words from a great writer...what better way to spend a break. Enjoyed this Mo, well done. Looks like I may be visiting the site more often.