Monday, 10 January 2011

Winners and Losers!

I’ve just made my annual manifestation in the February addition of Writing Magazine. It’s kind of ironic that the yearly claim to fame this time around should concern my lack of it.

Lorraine Mace, my writing buddy and co-author of The Writer’s ABC Checklist, writes a fab humour column for WM, Notes from the Margin. This month it’s all about writers who’ve been on the receiving end of put-downs from their peers – which is where I came in.

The good news is, if you’re a writer and have a funny, cruel or daft put-down story, Lorraine asks that you email it to her. Her favourites will make an appearance in a future Notes from the Margin column and the author of the best one will receive a copy of The Writer’s ABC Checklist.

Being a loser isn’t all bad!


DW96 said...

Look on the bright side, Mo. If you're a loser, people don't expect you to try half as hard ;-)

DW96 said...

You're also in good company. Me for example.

Maureen said...

There's always an upside.

joanne fox said...

Now I'm dying to know what the put-down was. Guess I'll have to buy the magazine this month!

Maureen said...

I am such a tease. lol