Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Brighton COW Flash Fiction

If you write flash you might like this free-to-enter one from the Brighton Community of Writers.

Choose one of the set prompts and come up with just 250 words in any genre and Bob could be your uncle.

* Love Changes Everything
* Light at the End of the Tunnel
* Tomorrow
* The Mirror and Me
* The Way We Were

There will be 3 winners - each receiving £10.
The winners, plus 7 others, will be published on the Brighton COW website and have the chance to be recorded for a radio presentation. Good huh?

Deadline is 31 January 2011.


Rebecca Emin said...

Oh I like the sound of that. Thanks, Maureen.

Bob Scotney said...

I'm not!

Maureen said...

Good luck if you decide to enter, Rebecca. The radio presentation sound good, doesn't it?

Maureen said...

But you're famous for it, Bob.

Ruchiraa said...

Thanks for posting this- but can anybody participate, or only those in England? Best of luck to Rebecca anyway.

Maureen said...

Hi Ruchira - According to their rules, the Brighton COW contests are open to everyone worldwide so good luck!