Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Coldmoor by David Robinson is the exciting first book in a series that sees the beginnings of the battle with the evil Flix. Flix is a zombiemaster who has chosen to remain on the Spirit Plane for 900 years during which time he's been planning his return to life to fulfill his greatest ambition: immortality defended by a massed army of the undead.

It's February 1st, 2540, and in the remote research laboratory at Coldmoor Castle, Dr Anders Magnusson and his team have tapped into stasis energy, the very essence of space and time. But amidst the celebrations, something evil takes place. Flix has been waiting for the breakthrough and now that it's here, he takes the opportunity.

After killing a young soldier, Flix takes over his body and wreaks havoc on this isolated community of scientists and security personnel. Nothing can stop him ... nothing, that is, but Stasis Center Special Agents Mia Nellis and Nick Holt.

Sent back through time from the year 3010, Agents Nellis and Holt must meet Flix head on, stop him killing and controlling the bodies of others, and then imprison him in a specially designed energy cell that will seal him away for eternity.

But in doing so, Mia and Nick must exercise due caution and ensure that they do not change history ... or they may cease to exist.

What I really enjoyed about Coldmoor was the flashbacks to the 17th century where Flix originally encounters Mia and Nick (called Maria and Nicholas back then) and how this effected their current stance. The plot is complex without being confusing so top marks to David Robinson for that.

Coldmoor is sold in ebook form:

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Trevor said...

couldn't agree more. It's an excellent book and looks like developing into a cracking series.