Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tracy's Hot Mail by T. A. Belshaw

Tracy has a new office job, but she’s not about to allow that minor annoyance to interfere with important stuff like emailing her best friend, Emma. And there’s plenty to gossip about. For a start there’re her three bosses: Mr Tugger – who’s forever playing with something in his pocket, Mr Winkle – a happy soul with a lisp and a funny walk, and the serial backside-slapper, Mr Blunt.

Others at the sharp end of Tracy’s keyboard are Olivia – the office tart, Ms Broadbeam, Spotty Irene and Tommy Tightpecs the IT man. People outside the work environment aren’t safe from the Tracy treatment either as she keeps Emma up-to-date on the scandal involving Petrol Pauline from the garage and Mike the Mechanic.

And Tracy’s personal life fairs no better. Through her emails we hear all about the boyfriend – more preoccupied with girls online than with her, her benefit-cheat father, and the extremely creepy driving instructor, Mr Pranger.

Written by T. A. Belshaw, who’s found the perfect voice for this character, there was something to make me laugh out loud in every chapter of Tracy’s Hot Mail. This is a recommended read for any time you need cheering up or for when you’re in the mood for a right good goss.

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Trevor said...

Thanks for the fabulous review Mo. Very much appreciated. I'm so pleased I've posted links all over the Internet.
For anyone reading, this is a Very talented lady with a top website.
I'd also like to say a big thanks for Maureen's editing skills on my Peggy Larkin's War, novel which is now being uploaded to the Kindle to sit alongside Tracy's Hot Mail.
One bit of advice to any reader of this comment. buy The Writer's ABC Checklist. No writer's desk should be without a copy. :) I've got one here and it gets used regularly.

Maureen said...

Aw, thanks, Trevor. And was more than happy to help with Peggy - great story!