Monday, 26 November 2012

Critique Service Gift Vouchers

 Not another bottle of bath foam

You know sometimes good ideas come out of nowhere? That’s what happened to me recently. One of my regular critique service clients mentioned in an email that she wished she could buy my critiques to give to some of her writer friends as Christmas gifts.

I replied saying what a pity it was that she couldn’t do so and thought no more about it until this weekend. I suddenly realised there was no reason at all why I couldn’t start a voucher service so that writers could receive the gift of a critique to be used at a time that suited them.

Never one to let the grass grow under my tiny tootsies, I worked over the weekend on setting up a gift voucher page for my critique service. You can find more details here:

Basically, it works like this: person A buys a voucher which is made out to person B. Person B can use the voucher immediately, or in six months, a year, or even two years’ time. In short, it will be available when person B needs to use it – there is no fixed redemption time.

The nice part is that person A gets to give person B a gift that he or she knows a writer would love, instead of an impersonal box of chocolates, bath products or bottle of booze.

If you are a writer and would like a gift voucher to receive, rather than to give, why not drop a few hints to your loved ones? Get them to visit this page and tell them it’s just what Santa needs to deliver – and it won’t weigh down his sleigh.

Lorraine Mace is the humour columnist for Writing Magazine, a deputy editor of Words with JAM and a competition judge for Writers’ Forum. She is a tutor for the Writers Bureau, and is the author of the Writers Bureau course, Marketing Your Book. She is also co-author, with Maureen Vincent-Northam of The Writer's ABC Checklist (Accent Press).

Writing as Frances di Plino, she is the author of crime/thriller, Bad Moon Rising.

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