Sunday, 24 February 2013

Publishers accepting sci-fi, fantasy and horror

If you write in these areas, here are three publishers currently accepting novels in the sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction genres.

A UK company, Gollancz publishes science fiction, horror, steampunk, dystopia and fantasy. They’re interested in completed manuscripts of 80,000 words or more. Submit ms double spaced in 11 or 12pt font.
Full submission details HERE

Ink SmithPublishing are looking for works in science fiction, horror and fantasy. They accept novel length mss (over 50,000 words) and novellas (between 30,000 and 50,000 words). Books are published in ebook and print formats. Query with first 3 chapters. Submit in Times font 12pt.
Full submission details HERE

eStarBooks publish science fiction, fantasy and paranormal. They ask for a one paragraph synopsis. Previously published books will be considered as long as they’re completely out of print and all rights have reverted to you.
Full submission details HERE

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