Friday, 8 November 2013

Interview with Suzan Collins

Suzan Collins is an author who has written a romantic novel and a series of open learning workbooks for staff who work in social care. Her latest book, a narrative non-fiction, has just been released. Suzan is a consultant/trainer in health, social care and management in the UK and I have invited her along to Writers’ Checklist to learn more about her.

Can you tell me about your new book Beyond My Control, Suzan, and what made you decide to write it?
Beyond My Control is a book about my late mum having an accident in the nursing home and being admitted to hospital with two fractures, one on one leg and one on the other side. I was astounded to see the poor care my late mother experienced. My mother developed a grade 4 pressure sore whilst in the hospital. She was admitted with two fractures and died from blood poisoning. I wrote the book to tell the story but also to inform readers of what they can do if they have a relative receiving care that is poor.

I share my story from my personal and professional perspectives and look ahead to how we can all contribute to keeping vulnerable people in health and social care system safe from harm.

How did you come to write your first book?
I used to manage care homes and at that time I recognized there was a gap in the training delivered and that was needed for my staff team so I wrote some open learning workbooks to fill these gaps. I have had 6 open learning workbooks published.

What are your writing strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are that when I have an idea I will start writing straight away and I will finish a WIP [work in progress].
My weaknesses are that I could use my time more productively. I find it easier to write under pressure so have plenty of time to write but many a time leave it to the last minute. Having said this, there are times when you can’t just turn on your ‘writing brain’ and write.

How easy is it to fit your writing around your work?
Being my own boss I can work my writing in alongside my consultancy and training. I write better when I have limited time.

Is there a special time or place you like to write?
When I want to write a great deal I usually go away for a week, somewhere hot, and spend the whole time writing, eating and sleeping. I enjoy writing fiction on the train but prefer not to write factual on the train due to distractions.

What motivates you?
New ideas. Feedback form care staff who have found my workbooks useful. Also feedback and good reviews on Amazon.

Who is your favourite author and why?
I have too many to list here.

Are you planning to write fiction or non-fiction?

What are you working on at the moment?
I have just finished writing some new open learning workbooks and we are now discussing if they should go into one book and be called Handbook for Health and Social Care Staff. I am also writing a sequel to my novel On the Rails.

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